Here at RCT, we use and encourage our clients to use the online accounting system, Xero.

Xero is very useful friendly and intuitive. For us, it’s the bookkeeping software that provides the accuracy and attention to detail needed to produce spreadsheets ready for end-of-year accounting preparation. It’s very easy to use but we recognise that the move from paper-based accounting to cloud accounting is going to be difficult for some of our clients.

We genuinely believe it’s worth your time to make the change and we’ll do everything we can to help you, including remote training. If you want help to do something, just give us a call. Alternatively, book a day and a time to visit us at our office and get hands-on training. We will help you with the initial set-up, we’ll show you the parts of the service you need specific for your business, and even help you input your first few invoices onto the system. Bookkeeping and accounting is going digital and we want to help all our clients achieve that transition easily, smoothly, and with the minimum of stress and disruption.

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