According to the Federation of Small Business, the average full HMRC investigation takes “16 months and costs a potential £5,000 in accountancy fees”. HMRC are conducting more investigations than ever into limited companies, directors, sole traders, and partners on everything tax-related, from dividends to rental income to VAT. Although many HMRC investigations are carried out as a result of consistent late filings and payments and because of the technical reach of the Connect database, at least 7% of investigations are random. The benefit of working with RCT should your company be investigated by HMRC is that we talk their language more than you do. We’re much better able to spot areas of their investigations and their conclusions which are either wrong or can be challenged. RCT will make sure that, by keeping clear lines of communication open with you and HMRC, that we act as a real bridge of understanding meaning that investigations can be resolved as quickly and amicably as possible.

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