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CFO Support

Our team of highly-experienced professionals support you to make your big decisions


  • Strategic Accounting Consultancy
  • Merger & Acquisition Projects
  • Turnaround Services
  • Managing Funding and Debt
  • Investor Relations
  • Project Viability and Forecasting
  • Due Diligence

No matter the size of your business, hiring C-Level executives is a huge decision and cost. When utilising RCT Accounting’s CFO services, you are accessing decades of practical and diverse industry experience in high-level, high-stakes financial work, without incurring any payroll or staffing liabilities.

Our directors and senior staff have walked the walk, in business start-up, growth, investment and exit strategy. This mean that our focus is always a step ahead in what is necessary for your business’s next strategic move, whether this is growing your profitability, seeking efficiencies, source funding, negotiating an acquisition, or even navigating your business out of a critical situation.

If you are looking ahead to your next business move, we would love to speak more about how our expert team can assist you.

Related Case Study


Related Case Study

Utilising assistance from RCT Accounting Executives, an entrepreneurial client from the USA was able to navigate the demanding task of business acquisition in the UK.

Now the proud owner of their first business investment, they are well equipped to continue expanding their portfolio knowing that they are well equipped with trusted advisors to structure their business acquisitions, negotiate favourable terms, source funding, and manage any uncertainty in the ownership transition process.