We love start-ups! The excitement, the energy, the enthusiasm, and the optimism you have for your new business is infectious. As an accounting professional providing business support, nothing feels better than seeing an idea that you had a few years ago mushroom into a stable, enjoyable business that pays its bills and provides you with the living you want.

Take advantage of our start-up service. The advantage to you is that you spend more time building your business without having to undergo the steep learning curve of financial and tax administration – that’s our job! We’ll complete your statutory accounts (with full balance sheet and profit & loss), file your accounts at Companies House, and complete and file your Corporation Tax return. We’ll be there to Help you establish the right structure for your business,

Register you for VAT,

Advice you on financial decisions,

Make sure you’re registered with everyone you need to register with,

Put together a solid business plan with achievable profit and loss figures, realistic turnover, and how to manage budgets,

Work with you on your legal responsibilities,

Help you take the first steps when you start to employ staff If you’re starting up, start up with RCT.

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