Being a chartered accountant gives you a unique insight into businesses. Specifically:

  • How to make more money from the same level of activity
  • Reading cash flow movements to know whether you have money to invest or you need to keep money aside
  • How to reduce fixed costs permanently to increase profitability levels
  • The role of variable costs and how to guard against them creeping up as your business grows
  • Learning lessons from the way other businesses are run, whether they are in the same industry as you or not.
  • How to use accounting to work out the most profitable routes to market and customers to target
All of the business people RCT works with have lots in common. What is more remarkable is what makes you all so different. And it’s those differences, those unique perspectives on sales, management, attitude to cash and debt, and more that provides some of the greatest insights. The answer to your business success in growth lies in the people you employ and the numbers they generate in your accounts. Business coaching is part of our premium service. Ask us about this and our other value-enhanced services and we’ll discuss them at our meeting.

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