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Limited Companies

Limited Companies

From registration through to calculation through to filing, GAINS provide directors and their companies with a complete accounting and bookkeeping service. But it’s more than that. One of the main advantages to your business by working with RCT is that we will make sure that you and your company claim every allowance possible to minimise your tax burden. We’ll provide ongoing, timely, and accurate financial information and guidance on how to interpret that financial information so that you have everything you need to make the right decision on the direction to take your company in.

Thebenefits of working with RCT are many. If you’re looking to expand and want to access finance to do it, we’ll help you present a compelling and clear case to lenders about the solidity of your business and the talent on your management team. We can even take a seat on your board as a virtual or part-time financial director to give lenders added confidence. Expanding your business can put even more pressures on management and on cash flow than setting up your business. Working with RCT, you’ll have an experienced and knowledgeable team at your side taking away the heavy compliance and regulatory burden from you and your other directors. On a personal level, we’ll work with you on getting you the most advantageous salary and dividend split with further advice on how best to classifying other payments you receive if you have multiple sources of income. Mortgages can be difficult to secure for directors, particularly when your company is less than 2 years old – use GAINS well-developed and very able network of brokers to find the mortgage that’s right for you.
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Many business owners do not wish to incorporate and look to a service like RCT to enjoy the maximum financial and tax advantages on offer from being a sole trader or partnership. It’s easier to take out money as a sole trader and you can borrow from your business with no tax consequences.

Accounting is much easier too and you can benefit from a more advantageous treatment of losses. RCT is there to provide a full program of support and services to sole traders and partnerships. The advantage to you is that we take care of everything – VAT, income tax, National Insurance, capital allowances, Self Assessment forms, capital gains tax, and more. We can even help your business secure funding and you, as a sole trader or a partner, access the mortgage market. Benefit from having more time to spend on developing your business and making sales, not spending hours on unproductive and unprofitable bookkeeping and accounting.
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Partnerships & Sole Proprietors

Sole traders & Partnerships

Our team provides you with the expert guidance and advice you need, specifically designed and delivered for residential and commercial landlords. The advantage to landlords like you in using RCT is that our team are fully conversant with the changing landscape that landlords now operate in. You can rest assured that we will secure every possible tax advantage for you on handling your rental income, capital versus revenue issues, and dealing with capital gains tax on the sale of all or part of your portfolio.

How this benefits you is that, with us as your accounting partner, you can concentrate on the difficult business of operating and growing your property business in what is becoming an increasingly difficult tax and financing climate.
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Land Lords

land lords

Contractors & Freelancers


We have in-house contractor and IR35 tax specialists fully conversant with the complicated tax laws surrounding contracting. Their sole aim to make sure you keep as much money as you can throughout the year. Contracting and freelancing can be very lucrative – excellent rates of pay sometimes in multiples of an equivalent person in an employed role, offsetting business expenses against tax, working for multiple clients at the same time, and more.

How working with RCT benefits you is that we keep you organised and your costs down. We’re always on top of your Self Assessment, your income tax, and your National Insurance. Let us take care of your end of years, Companies House returns, payroll, dividends, and corporation tax. Having an accounting professional on hand and at the end of a phone is a massive benefit for any contractor or freelancer looking to make the most of the freedom and the choice this lifestyle brings.
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What makes us tick ?

Running your company is difficult. We know that. You and your fellow directors have risked your money and your peace of mind over years to create an infrastructure that delivers value to customers, a place of work for your employees, and stability to your suppliers. Everything you’ve achieved has been against the odds. Every business rates payment, rent payment, stock order, utility bill, VAT bill, corporation tax bill, and more has been paid in full because of your willingness to innovate and adapt as the marketplace changed around you.

The average business makes, in terms of net profit, 8p for every pound that you turnover. The margin for error is slim. On the profits you do make, you have to hand over 19% of it to HMRC. Every penny you accrued in turnover is tough and there always seems to be a never-ending supply of people, companies, and organisations who want to take your money. That’s why we work as hard as we do to protect every penny you’ve earned delivering you the most value out of your efforts.
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Protect every penny

Protect every penny

An Affordable Fixed Price

Affordable Fixed price

As our customer, we will help you stay on top of all your administration and bookkeeping. With Making Tax Digital coming soon, this is going to be more important than ever. We’re always looking for ways to keep your financial and operational risks to an absolute minimum and we take the front line in dealing with the taxman on any enquiries he has about your business finances or your personal finances.

There’s no one-size-fits-all package at RCT Accountants. When we’re putting together your bespoke accounting, bookkeeping, and consulting service, we like to charge a fixed monthly fee that you, our customer, feel is fair and which offers value for money. You always have a dedicated and named accountant looking after you from the day you sign up. Our services are there for you to use so when you need us, we’re waiting to offer help and support.
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We’ve helped many clients achieve steady and strong growth year on year thanks to our own business skills and the valuable network of referrals and contacts we can connect you with. We can help you consolidate. If your business is the size you want it to be and you’re just looking for ways to make extra money from your efforts, we’re experts at analysing both fixed and variable costs within your business and we can work together on a plan to grow your profitability.

Every business suffers from slowdowns – some of them can be prolonged. In those cases, you have to shrink your costs to fit. If your business is struggling for turnover, please be aware that you’re not alone and that most companies go through stages like this, even ones that have been established 30 years or more. A slowdown presents you with an opportunity to streamline your business and when revenues pick up again, you’ll be leaner and better positioned to exploit the up-turn than ever before.
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